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Corporate Social Responsibility

Statement on Corporate Social Responsibility

The group’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy remains centered on well though-out social and environmental initiatives.
Emphasis is placed on achieving commercial success by addressing and balancing the interests of all stakeholders, including the unrepresented future generations. The Group’s CSR initiatives and its business practices are carried out in an open and transparent manner to promote ethical values and respect for the Community and Environment.
We have focused our CSR strategy on tour areas (workplace, marketplace, environment and community) in line with Bursa Malaysia’s CSR framework.


Workplace : People First

The group adopts a corporate philosophy that values employees and emphasizes the development of human capital. Employees are encouraged to lead a healthy sporting lifestyle by participating in sports and family day events organized throughout the operating units. Sport facilities for staff and their immediate family members are also provided. These activities help to promote esprit de corps among the employees.

Among other human resource initiatives undertaken by the Group to promote the promote the welfare of our employees include:

• Organized recreational activities for the employees such as sports ( Badminton Tournament )

• Ensuring continuous human resource development by providing training and career advancement opportunities.

• Ensure that the installation of machineries had met the safety standard of Jabatan Keselamatan and Kesihatan Pekerja (JKKP)and Department of Environment (DOE) requirements. Health, Security, Safety and Environment (HSSE) principles were used to safeguard employees lives, so that everybody may continue to go home safety to their families everyday.

The Group also recognizes and appreciates its loyal, dedicated and committed employees by giving our awards to those who complete 5,10,15, and 20 years of service.


Marketplace: Engaging Stakeholders

We recognize the need for effective channels of communication and high standards in the provision of services, as important strategies to build long term and sustainable relationships.
The Group has implemented various policies, procedures, and best practices on business ethics and values, good corporate governance and stakeholder’ engagement in order to ensure market confidence in its operations and business conduct.
The Group had organised interaction with stakeholders in few different locations namely Kuala Lumpur, Malacca and Johor during year 2010. This is among the opportunities that we created for engaging our stakeholders in face-to-dace personal encounters. We also engage the media to publish articles about our business from time to time.


Environment : Nurturing Green Engagement

The Group’s environmental management approach is strategized to sustain a greener earth, protect the environment and manage wastes effectively. A number of employees, involving all levels, had participated in the tree planting project at designated area during the Earth Day celebration – commemorating the importance of environmental consciousness and conservation efforts at group level.
The Group’s employees had also carried out few ‘Recycling’ exercises and will continue to actively involved in these practices. A great way to increase recycling is the introduction of recycling bins on a large scale. Some reasons for this include, an easier method for recycling products (more convenient), and better education relating to the importance and reasons why we should recycle.


Community : Charitable Endeavours and Volunteerism

As a responsible corporate citizen, the Group is proud of its tradition of contributing to society and the nation. It has been supportive of various noble causes and had contributed directly and indirectly to community project and education. Over the years, the Group has been continuously supporting charitable institutions primarily located in the state of Johor Darul Takzim. Our community involvement activities include cash grants, in-kind donations and the voluntary services of our communities in a number of ways. The Group had organized a forum covering talks on the important of Food Hygiene at Puspanesam Orphanage Home and subsequently provided them with proper food storage facilities.
The Group continues to enlighten the surrounding community through organized Blood Donation activity.