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Statement for Corporate Social Responsibility in Year 2009

2009 Activities

Friendly Match with JB Cocoa – 21 June 2009

A friendly match with JB Cocoa was held in June 2009. Football and badminton match were carried out on the same day. Our team has shown the great teamwork spirit in striking the same goal throughout the competition. Furthermore, friendship among staff and JB Cocoa is built.



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  • Badminton Tournament – 01 Aug 2009

    Yearly most anticipated sport event in Guan Chong with aim to nurture a healthy lifestyle and teambuilding spirit. High participation and overwhelming response were received from all folks from all subsidiaries of Guan Chong.



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  • Bowling Tournament – 11 Oct 2009

    One of the popular sport activities in Guan Chong and the competition was successfully held in Wisma Diaman Bowling center. Another healthy sport event that bring most employees together for a leisure fun and develop good rapport which create high employee moral and a positive organizational climate.



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  • CPR & First Aid Training – 30 Oct 2009

    Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and first aid training were given by Academy of Safety and Emergency Care personnel and demonstration were performed in GCCM. After the course of training, a mock practice was held for our staffs. This is a personal value-added training where we learnt external knowledge which do help when there is someone in need. In case of emergency, we know the ways to react to the situation and do what is appropriate to the injured persons.



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